Makes Good on Appointment

The City Council endeavored to make good on its promise to bring in a creative thinker to head up the Cultural Council by approving Gretchen Pearl as the director with a vote of 9 to 2. Ms. Pearl will step into the role May 12, replacing interim director Tom McDermott who is stepping down over allegations of misappropriated contracts.

Art & Life

Pascal's Submarine By Trey Gulch

Opening Week

May 3 - 6 @ 7PM
May 7 - 8 @ 8PM
May 9 @ 2PM & 7PM

Where We Are Headed

Anyone that’s lived in the area for more than a couple years knows the city is in growth mode. Just about everywhere you turn new buildings are popping up, people are moving in, and communities are reinventing themselves. This is leading to city planners and development agencies to start poring over growth statistics and community information like never before.

Suspended in Renovation, Again

In what has become almost a running joke, renovation on the historic Kyle Milton Train Station has come to a dead stop. This makes it the fourth time in a year that work has been suspended – all over two trees in the easement.

Neighborhood Restaurant Proposal Spurs Noisy Debate

Residents of Lakewood, just outside of Old Town West, are split over a proposal to replace local hangout Motleys with an upscale bar and restaurant. After Motleys shuttered its doors late last year the local hospitality group Peninsula moved in to bid on the property. Enlisting the help of Garner Designs, they submitted plans for 200-seat eatery, Ghost Spirits. And while most everyone is happy about the restaurant itself, it’s the outdoor fire pit and proposal for an outdoor events stage that has neighbors raising their voices.